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Municipality of Schagen

  The West Frisian market town of Schagen is situated on an old terp.

SlotKerk Schagen

The narrow shopping streets, the cosy market square, the beautiful Schagen castle and the friendly hospitality of the inhabitants create a pleasant atmosphere in the city. Come and soak up the culture, have a drink or just spend a day shopping. Stroll through the old streets and enjoy all the beauty that has been built up here over the centuries.
Schagen municipality has a rich history with many developments around the coast, town and countryside. If you want to see, feel and smell a piece of Authentic Holland, this region is the place to be! History is still visible at the country estates along the Grote Sloot, the cheese-cover farmhouses and in the picturesque villages: Valkkoog and Eenigenburg.
This is how in't Zand stands "Korenmolen De Hoop"
which was built in the 17th century as a fulling mill "De Haan" in what was then Soeterwoude, close to Leiden. In 1865, the mill was moved to 't Zand. The mill has an impressive history and is well worth a visit!

Whether you want an active or a quiet day, there are plenty of possibilities in the municipality of Schagen!

Cycling & hiking

If you really want to discover Holland by bike or on foot, the municipality of Schagen is the place to be. Walk or cycle through the dunes, along the beach, over the Westfriese Omringdijk, but also the vast meadows are beautiful to walk or cycle through.

Website: Cycling and hiking in Schagen


Schagen and the charming surrounding villages are great places to shop. Walk through the streets with special shops and boutiques. The well-known chain shops are also present. And if the weather is not so good, you can shop indoors at the Makado.
The coastal village Callantsoog also has a cosy centre with nice shops where you can shop to your heart's content.

Website: Shopping in the municipality of Schagen

Beach & dune

Along the North Sea coast are the beautiful wide and clean beaches of Callantsoog, Petten, Groote Keeten and Sint Maartenszee. The coast is over 17.5 kilometres long. Enjoy a day at the beach with the whole family or add an overnight stay at one of the accommodations nearby.

Website: Beach and dunes in the surrounding area

Water recreation

What could be better than enjoying the fresh air on a beautiful day? And even better: go on a warm day and enjoy the water! Hire or grab your own sloop, sailing boat, rowing boat, canoe, surfboard or catamaran. The possibilities are endless. You can go to the various companies to hire a boat. Take a look at the sailing routes and cross the beautiful area. Or join an excursion and enjoy a beautiful day on the water.

Website: Water recreation in Schagen

Nature & forest in Schagen

Head out into nature for a lovely walk or a nice bike ride. In the surroundings of Schagen, you will certainly enjoy the beautiful nature reserves. From the dunes to the woods, from the polders to the beaches, there is plenty to discover. Who knows, you might even stand eye to eye with one of the many animals that live here.

Website: Discover the beautiful nature reserves

Day trip with children

There is also plenty to do for children in the Schagen region. Whether you go on a day trip or a holiday, there are many amusement parks and events that ensure that children have an unforgettable time. Besides the theme parks, children will also have a great time on the beach and in the dunes. Or how about a day at the zoo, canoeing in the area or learning to surf?

Website: Children's outings

Museums & Heritage

The city of Schagen has a rich history, with the market at its centre. Near the market, you will find special buildings and farmhouses, such as Museum Vreeburg, where the important story of the origin of the city is told.
The struggle against the water can be found in the West Frisian landscape. For a long time, this area was under the influence of the sea. When the population increased in the late Middle Ages, people started to protect themselves structurally against the water. Dykes were built until the Westfriese Omringdijk was finally created.

Wesite: Museums and heritage

Places in the municipality

The municipality of Schagen is partly situated in the Westfriesland region and consists of the city of Schagen and the coastal towns Callantsoog, Groote Keeten, Petten and Sint Maartenszee, among others. Between the coast and the town of Schagen, there are many bulb fields, which provide beautifully coloured views in the spring.

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Top of North Holland

A day in the Kop van Noord-Holland is always a good idea. Whether you want an active day or just the peace and quiet of nature, everything is possible. Strolling through typical Dutch villages, going to the mud flats, cycling, walking, sailing or visiting a museum; you won't get bored in the Kop van Noord-Holland.
The Kop van Noord-Holland guarantees a great voyage of discovery through nature for the children. Climbing in the dunes, adventurous canoe routes, experience and discovery gardens, tough naval stories or treasure hunts on the beach. Exotic zoos, old defence forts in the dunes or an instructive and exciting tour on the Wadden Sea.

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