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Holland above Alkmaar

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The best days out in North Holland! See, discover and experience!


Holland boven Amsterdam

The best of Holland Holland above Amsterdam, the best Holland has to offer. The mills, dikes, polders, villages and cities; everything has been modelled by our ancestors with hard work. The rich nature gives colour to the area. We like to share our part of the world with you. Get to know the endless possibilities and the friendly, hospitable and down-to-earth inhabitants.


VVV Top van Holland

The Kop van Noord-Holland is the Netherlands in a nutshell! Whether you are staying on the 30 km long, quiet coastline with beautiful sandy beaches or in the varied interior, the strength of our region is that there is a great diversity of landscapes. In spring, you'll feel as if you're in a true colorfulness. Our area has the largest contiguous flower bulb area in the world. You'll also find modern cities like Den Helder and Schagen, where you can go shopping or have a bite to eat. There are also many small villages and hamlets that are well worth a visit.

Gemeente Callantsoog

That's vacation every day!

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