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The present-day Callantsoog came into being after a storm flood in 1570 destroyed an older settlement on the former island 't Oghe. Part of the population joined the Sea Beggars and approximately 150 people fled to the hamlet of 'Sevenhuysen' in a dune valley. Here a new settlement was founded: Callantsoog. In 1580 they started building a church, for which the stones of the church from the old village were used.
The land behind the dunes was embanked several times, which gave the village a connection to the mainland.


Callantsoog is the oldest and most beautiful seaside resort

Callantsoog lies directly on the sea in the northern part of the North Holland coast, between Alkmaar and Den Helder and is known as one of the oldest and most beautiful seaside resorts in the country. Callantsoog is a small, quiet seaside resort. If you are looking for peace and quiet, this is the place to be. Once you have passed the high dunes, you will see the beautiful, wide sandy beach. The Blue Flag waves here, which stands for a clean and safe beach. On the beach of Callantsoog there are sanitary facilities available and the lifeguard 'Paal 13' provides a lot of supervision. The swimming water of the coastal village is of a very good quality and the beach is kept clean. The sandy beach of the coastal town is wide and kilometres long. Perfect for long romantic walks on the beach or a day of enjoying the weather together. At one of the many beach pavilions you can have a delicious lunch or get an ice-cream. A number of beach pavilions are open all year round, so you can warm up there in the autumn after a fresh walk on the beach. The location of the centre of Callantsoog is unique. From the beach you just walk up and down the dune and you come right in the middle of the lively centre. There are many shops, terraces and restaurants around the beautiful village square and most shops are open on Sundays all year round.

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Where is the seaside resort Callantsoog situated?

Kerkje Callantsoog 

Events in Callantsoog

During the summer period, various events are organised daily in the village and on the beach. For example, various activities on the beach such as a kite festival, beach volleyball or a cycling & running spectacle: X-Callantsoog. On the village square of Callantsoog there is a fair every Wednesday evening during the high season. Callantsoog is a real holiday village, it is not only nice to visit in the summer, but also in the autumn or Christmas holidays to get a breath of fresh air on the beach of Callantsoog and afterwards eat fish or a snack on the village square!

First official nudist beach

For the naturists, there is room, just to the south, for the first official nude beach of the Netherlands. Callantsoog has a nudist beach of about 2.5 km long. It is one of the largest nude beaches in the Netherlands. Nude recreation is allowed here. You will find the nude beach between the posts 14.50 and 16.80. This is also clearly indicated on the signs. On this part of the beach there is no surveillance. So pay attention to your own safety when you go swimming in the sea. On this nude beach you can find the beach pavilion 'ZilteZucht'. In the beachbar is a toilet available.
On the terrace of this beach pavilion it is not allowed to recreate naked.

Dogs and horses on the beach

Ruiters op het strand van Callantsoog

Dogs:    Between 1 May and 1 October: on a leash between 09:00 and 19:00.

Dogs:    Before 09:00 hrs and after 19:00 hrs dogs are allowed to run free.

Dogs:    Between 1 October and 1 May, dogs may run free on the beach.

Horses:  Between 1 May and 1 October, allowed before 09:00 and after 19:00.

Horses:  Between the 1st of October and the 1st of May, horses have unlimited access to the beach.

Parking and public transport

Parking your car is possible in Callantsoog but keep in mind that on nice days it can be very busy with cars. It is not always possible to park your car. In Callantsoog there are no less than six parking areas. Parking in the centre is possible but the number of spaces is limited and the blue card is obligatory! *Please make sure that you only park your car in the designated parking areas to avoid finding a parking ticket under the windscreen wiper after a day at the beach. On nice and busy days the police often check.

Fortunately parking is free in Callantsoog. On the Dorpsplein you need a blue card from 1 April to 31 October between 09.00 and 19.00 hours. You may park your car there for a maximum of one hour.

Public transport

In Callantsoog there are Connexxion buses to Schagen from Monday to Friday and in the weekends "Everywhere FLEX". (see Connexxion) 

Strand bezoek

Callantsoog is highly recommended for a holiday, weekend trip or day at the beach.


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Dagje uit met de kinderen

Ook voor kinderen is er in regio Schagen genoeg te doen. Of je nu een dagje weggaat of vakantie viert, er zijn vele attractieparken en evenementen die ervoor zorgen dat kinderen een onvergetelijke tijd hebben. 


Land van Fluwel

Sint Maartenszee

Experience the beauty of tulips at Land van Fluwel
In spring, the splendour of the tulips at Land van Fluwel is at its most beautiful! From the 11-metre-high watchtower, you have a magnificent view of the surrounding flower bulb fields.
In the Dutch Tulip Experience, an audio tour introduces you to the fairytale history of Holland's most famous icon: the tulip. From its origins in the wilderness, its adventure in Turkey to the tulip craze in the Golden Age.

Every spring Land van Fluwel and Bloeiend Zijpe organise tours with the BloemBollenBoemel through the beautiful flower fields in the area. Experience the splendour of tulips in bloom! The ride in the train takes you through the largest interconnected bulb field in the world.

De Goudvis

Sint Maartenszee

For years, Speelpark De Goudvis has been a success when it comes to a day out! The Old Dutch playground is clearly laid out and over 3.5 ha in size. The children can have a great time on the many playground equipment, including the seesaw, swings, G-Forze, air cushions and of course the climbing pirate ship and much more! Swing with your parents on the family swing or challenge them on the Survival Trail! Jump as high as possible on the largest air trampoline in Europe or race on the go-karts? At Speelpark De Goudvis it is all possible!
Besides the large outdoor playground, De Goudvis also has a 2200 m2 indoor playground. Here you will find two play structures of three floors high. Here the children can explore the slides to one of the five ball pools, snake stairs or cable car. How about a helicopter tour (monorail), jumping on the trampolines or tobogganing on the toboggan run! An absolute hit is the Sweeper! Jump or bend down as the spinning arms come at you. Will you beat your friends by standing the longest?

Holle Bolle Boom


Games & Plonsen, the Holle Bolle Boom: a day out for the whole family!
Are you in the mood for a wonderful day's play? The Holle Bolle Boom offers plenty of fun for a successful day out. You are not dependent on the weather, because there is plenty to do indoors and outdoors. The Holle Bolle Boom has three experiences: Inside, Outside and Splash.
In the indoor area, children from 0 to 11 years of age can enjoy climbing, jumping and sliding. There is a separate play area for the smallest children: the Mini Horse. For older children, there is the exciting Freefall slide.Games & Plonsen, the Holle Bolle Boom: a day out for the whole family!
Are you in the mood for a wonderful day's play? The Holle Bolle Boom offers plenty of fun for a successful day out. You are not dependent on the weather, because there is plenty to do indoors and outdoors. The Holle Bolle Boom has three experiences: Inside, Outside and Splash.
In the indoor area, children from 0 to 11 years of age can enjoy climbing, jumping and sliding. There is a separate play area for the smallest children: the Mini Horse. For older children, there is the exciting Freefall slide.



Skagaventure Schagen, the newest, most beautiful and modern Family Entertainment Center of the Netherlands is located in the cosy town of Schagen. A stone's throw away from the train station and the centre of Schagen. Under one roof you will find a kart track, large trampoline park, laser game arena, indoor playground, indoor ski slope, arcade hall, pool bar and a cosy and high quality restaurant for lunch, drinks and dinner. Ideal for company outings, children's parties, bachelor parties, family days, days out with the family or friends. Also room rental for all imaginable business or private meetings.

Zeehonden tochten

Den Helder

Step aboard the 'Blue Marlin IV', discover the sea, sail along to the 'raging ball' also called "Noorderhaaks" and spot the seals in their natural habitat.

Van Blanckendaell Park


Nowhere else will you find a Savannah next to a playground, flamingos next to a windmill, monkeys playing next to a museum and Koi Carp next to a carousel.
With the traditional Dutch windmill as a recognisable focal point, you will travel all over the world. You will meet more than 100 animal species. On the Savannah, you can see giraffes, zebras and ostriches up close. A little further on, various species of monkeys perform antics. Walk along the wide paths past Parrots, Flamingos, Llamas, Camels and Kangaroos. Come and enjoy the cheerful Prairie Dogs, Otters and Meerkats. Of course there are farm animals such as donkeys, goats and pigs... Everywhere there are benches to sit down and relax.


Vlindertuin Vlindorado


Come and enjoy the exotic butterflies and birds in Europe's largest butterfly garden and be surprised by the special colours in our tropical paradise. 

This attraction is suitable for young and old.

The warm temperature, the high humidity and, of course, the beautiful flora and fauna around you make it seem as if you are in the tropics. Between the flowering plants, the most exceptionally coloured butterflies in all shapes and sizes flutter about in search of nectar and fruit.

Informatiecentrum Kust, Zand tegen Zee



Learn and experience everything about the new coast. The interactive exhibition Zand tegen Zee (Sand Against the Sea) shows you how we reinforced the coast between Petten and Camperduin with sand, a lot of sand: about 35 million cubic metres! You will also learn all about the dykes in North Holland, how we survived flooding and about water management now and in the future. You will discover all this by reading, listening, watching and doing. 


Waterrecreatie in Schagen


What could be better than enjoying the fresh air on a beautiful day? And even better: go on a warm day and enjoy the water! Hire or grab your own sloop, sailing boat, rowing boat, canoe, surfboard or catamaran. The possibilities are endless. You can hire a boat from one of the various companies.

Cinema Kinepolis in Schagen


Kinepolis Schagen consists of 5 theatres, situated around the large foyer. A strong point of the cinema is that everything can be reached on the ground floor, a big advantage for the disabled and elderly.

Beach flags

It is wonderful to be on the beach on a warm day in summer, but of course you want you and your family to be safe on the beach. It is not always easy to judge for yourself, which is why we have a system of warning flags on Dutch beaches. This way, you can see at a glance what you need to bear in mind in terms of safety at the beach entrance. Super important for you and your family!

Beach flags and their meaning

Gele vlag

When a yellow flag is shown it is dangerous to swim or bathe. This is usually due to the weather (currents, wind). Floating objects are therefore forbidden.

Rode vlag

When there is a red flag, bathing or swimming is prohibited.

Rood Geel vlag

The area between the red-yellow flags is a safe zone. This is because the area between these flags is monitored by lifeguards. Watersports are not allowed in this area!

Zwart wit geblokte vlag

In the zone between these flags you are allowed to do water sports. Which water sports are allowed where? This varies from beach to beach and you will find this information at the information board when you enter the beach.

Blauwe vlag

The Blue Flag flies on the beach of Callantsoog! And that is a very good sign. The Blue Flag is a quality mark and stands for a clean and safe beach. The swimming water of the coastal town is of a very good quality and the beach is kept clean. Of course there are toilets and waste bins on the beach and there is a lifeguard and first aid post. 
In addition, the bathing water is tested every fortnight for the presence of two types of bacteria.  

Vraagteken vlag

Nobody hopes to experience this. You have lost your child on the beach. You search everywhere and luckily someone has found your child! How do you know if your child has been found?

When a lifeguard has found a child, he or she goes to the flag with the question mark and looks for the parents.

Oranje windzak

Bathing or swimming is allowed. Use of floating objects is not permitted due to the risk of drifting.

twee rood vlag

In the zone between these two flags it is forbidden to swim, due to dangerous currents!

twee rood geel

In the zone between these two flags it is allowed to swim, this zone is supervised by the lifeguard!
Water sports are forbidden in this zone

twee geblokte vlag

Water sports are allowed in the zone between these two flags, swimming or bathing is prohibited in this zone!


Callantsoog is one of the oldest and most beautiful seaside resorts in the country with a very cosy centre! Around the beautiful village square you will find many shops, terraces and restaurants. Moreover, most shops are also open on Sundays, so that there is a cosy atmosphere all year round. On this page you will find the websites of companies located in Callantsoog.

Emergency numbers

 Here are the telephone numbers to use in case of an emergency during your holiday in Callantsoog.

Emergency services

 Emergency Call: 1124

Police no emergency

 Call: 0900 8844

Schagen GP Centre

The doctor's surgery is accessible from Monday to Friday from 17:00 to 8:00. It is open 24 hours a day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Grotewallerweg 1
1742 NM Schagen

 Call: 0224-224040 (evenings, nights and weekends)


General Practitioner / Pharmacy
(in Callantsoog)

 Call: 0224 581290

 huisarts bellen

 Call (emergency): 0224 581790

Spoedgeval bellen

Lifeguard Paal13
(in Callantsoog)

 Call: 0224 581608


Nature surrounding Callantsoog

Callantsoog and its surroundings are the perfect place for nature lovers, so a visit to the protected nature reserve "Het Zwanenwater", which lies in the dunes to the south of Callantsoog, is absolutely worthwhile! Did you know that the northern part of North Holland has the largest contiguous bulb-growing area in the world? Callantsoog and the surrounding area are immersed in a delightful display of fragrant flowers from mid-March until the end of May. It starts in mid-March with the crocus season. Then the daffodils and hyacinths appear and finally the tulips show their colours from mid-April until mid-May. At the end of April the tulip fields around Callantsoog are at their most beautiful! More information about flower bulb cultivation can be found on the website van "Bloeiend Zijpe"

"Nature reserves of Callantsoog"


Het Zwanenwater

Het Zwanenwater is a 604-hectare nature reserve of the Vereniging Natuurmonumenten, located south of Callantsoog. For bird watching you really need to go to het Zwanenwater! There are three bird-watching huts by the dune lakes. Follow the walking route (4.5 km) and you will pass them automatically. Migratory birds find food and rest in the dune lakes. In the winter, you can see dozens of water birds on the lakes, such as widgeons, shovelers, goosander and, with a bit of luck, great egrets. On Bokkeneiland in Tweede Water, hundreds of cormorants nest in a colony and even a few spoonbills in spring. In April, you can hear the striking bluethroat singing.

Uitlandse polder

The Uitlandse Polder is a beautiful piece of nature near Callantsoog. The polder has many special flora and fauna. The historical "poles" are clearly visible again and the old parcelling pattern is also visible again. You can walk here freely and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Nollenland van Abbestede

Near the hamlet of Abbestede, there is a nice piece of undulating dune land between the fields. They are dunes, old dunes that used to be everywhere in the northern part of the province of Noord-Holland. It all looks nice and wild. There is special dune flora to be seen. A short walk along the dunes gives you an overview of the dunes. From the watchtower, you have a beautiful view.


Next to this tussock land is a rough grassland intersected by shallow pools. These have been dug to give the landscape back its former appearance of gullies. The old potato field that was here has now been completely transformed into an excellent bird area.
Via the semi-paved roads through the area, you have a splendid view of these areas, which are often full of all kinds of meadow birds. Ducks, geese, waders, terns and gulls of all kinds can be seen here. The flora is also becoming more interesting with rattlesnake, orchids and parnassia.

 And in the migratory season, all kinds of interesting birds can land here, such as the stone runner and the spotted plover. Grey-necked phalarope is regularly seen here. 


Kooibosch Callantsoog 1620673273


The Kooibos owes its name to the duck decoy, which was constructed there in the 17th century. Since 1973, the State Forestry Service has been in charge of the Kooibos. As a nature reserve, the forest is especially important because of its unusual plant growth. Het Kooibos is accessible during excursions, for which you have to register via


Tourism information point

The municipality of Schagen is partly situated in the Westfriesland region and consists of the city of Schagen and the coastal towns Callantsoog, Petten, Groote Keeten and Sint Maartenszee, among others. In many places in the municipality of Schagen are tourist information points. These are the places where you can be inspired and informed about what you can see, do and experience. From villages to towns, in the region and beyond.


Dorpsplein 16
1759 GN Callantsoog

 Call: 0224 - 58 23 11


Website:  SyltLifestyle


Boekhandel Plukker
Gedempte Gracht 71-75
1741 GB Schagen

 Call: 0224 212 941


Website:  Boekhandel Plukker

Sint Maartenszee

Great vakantiehuizen
Belkmerweg 76 B
1753 KD Sint Maartenszee

 Call: 06 5012300811


Website:  Great vakantiehuizen


Recreatiehaven Schagen
Lagedijkerweg 2b
1742 NB Schagen

 Call: 0224 299 448


 Website::  Recreatiehaven Schagen

Sint Maartenszee

Camping Sint Maartenszee
Westerduinweg 34
1753 BA Sint Maartenszee

 Call: 0224 561401


Website:  Camping Sint Maartenszee


Camping Corfwater
Strandweg 3
1755 LA Petten

 Call: 0226 381 981


 Website:  Camping Corfwater


Dorps Ontmoetingspunt
Zijperweg 1a
1755 NZ Petten

Geopend op ma, wo en vr van 9.30-12.00 uur

 Call: 0226 383 132


Website:   Dorps Ontmoetingspunt

birthday calendar

promo kalender
© Simone Gerard Photography

Next week the birthday calendar of Callantsoog will be published. A fullcolour calendar with photos of Callantsoog, the sea, the dunes and all the beauty that Callantsoog has to offer. A frontpage with photos and 12 calenderpages with a big photo and a calendary where you can fill in your birthdays. A beautiful gift to give, but also to hang up at home.

The calendar costs 18.95 (excluding postage) and is available at the following sales points: